Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lyrics: Psalm 40

Early in 2011, I went on a Torah Ladies Retreat organised by my dear friend Donna Edwards. It was a lovely weekend and I wrote the music to these words from Psalm 40 as I was sitting on a couch there on the last morning of the retreat. Sun streamed through the window as I read through the words of this Psalm and a new song indeed rose in my heart and mouth.
- Lusi

Written by: Lusi Austin

Arranged by: Heiko and Lori Altmann

Lead Vocals/Harmonies/Mandolin: Lusi Austin

Concert Ukulele/Violin/Viola/Midi Bass/Midi Drums: Heiko Altmann

Guitar/Egg Shaker/Midi Clap Sticks/Hand Cymbals/Background Vocals: Lori Altmann

Verse One:

I waited patiently for Yah
He turned to me and heard my cry
He lifted me out of the pit
He set my feet on a rock
Gave me a firm place to stand
He put a new song in my mouth

 Chorus One:

Many will see and fear and put their trust in Him
Many will see and put their trust in Yehovah

 Verse Two:

Many Oh Yah
Are the wonders you have done
The things you have planned
no one can recount to you
And were I to speak

and tell of them
They would be too many

to declare

Chorus Two:

And I desire to do your will Oh Yah
Your Torah is within my heart

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