Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lyrics: Return to Me

In 2010, our family celebrated the Feast of Trumpets at home with some good friends of ours.
It was a lovely celebration. For most of the feasts, I pray and then choose a theme for our special time of celebration and rememberance.
The theme that year for that feast was 'Repent, Restore and Return with Joy'.
As we learnt and read from the Scriptures, I was inspired by how compassionate God is and how He desires for us to repent, restore to us what has been lost and for us to return with joy just as the Israelites did when the Book of the Law (the Torah) was read aloud for the first time after many years in exile.
The account in Nehemiah 8 tells us that when the Book of the Law of Moses was read aloud to the people, Israel was moved by the words so much that they bowed their faces to the ground and wept aloud. Nehemiah had to tell the people to stop weeping and to go and eat choice foods and drink sweet drinks, "For the joy of  Yehovah is your strength!" (Nehemiah 8:10)
The Feast of Trumpets (Yom Teruah) is such a wonderful celebration and a call to repentance.
At the beginning of this song, Heiko sounds the shofar (ram's horn).
We thank Yehovah for sending Yeshua to restore us to Himself.
It is because of His selfless act that we are truly and completely restored.

Written by: Lusi Austin

Arranged by: Heiko and Lori Altmann

Lead Vocals/Harmonies/Keys/Background Vocals: Lusi Austin

Viola/Background Vocals: Heiko Altmann

Background Vocals: Lori Altmann

Return to me my people
And I will restore you
Return to me my people
And I will bring you peace

 Sound the Trumpet; a call to repentance
He will remember our sins no more
Yeshua has come to forgive us
We will return to Him and sing for joy!

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