Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lyrics: Stand at the Crossroads

This song was written so I could help my children to learn this scripture as a memory verse.
As I sang it I realised how true this was of our own journey in faith; we were indeed brought to a crossroads and had prayed for Yah to reveal His truth to us. We no longer wanted to settle for what we had been taught or had believed without understanding why we believed it and where we could see it in the Scriptures. We asked for the ancient paths and were lead to understand the joy and truth in the Feasts that Yah gave His people, along with the blessing of Shabbat (sabbath) and many other things.
As we learnt about His good ways and began walking in them as He lead us by His Spirit, we found that we did find rest for our souls, even when others may not have understood the journey we were taking. It is our collective prayer that as you journey with Yah and seek Him wholeheartedly, that you will come to your own crossroads and that He will lead you graciously down the ancient paths that you may also find rest for your souls. 
- Lusi

Written by: Lusi Austin

Arranged by: Heiko and Lori Altmann

Lead Vocals/Harmonies/Background Vocals: Lusi Austin

Guitar/Background Vocals: Lori Altmann

Violin/Keys/Midi Bass/Bodhran/Background Vocals: Heiko Altmann

Stand at the crossroads and look
Ask for the ancient paths
Ask where the good way is
And walk in it

And you will find rest for your souls,
You will find rest for your souls,
You will find rest for your souls
When you walk in His ways

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